My intention

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  • My intention 
  • My intention

    To open a space of sweetness, and share it. A kind and safe island of surrender, in to being, in openess and joy, to propose, feel and vibrate.

    I dont pretend to heal, but simply take care, being present in trust. Let aliveness take place, and if we can dance and play with it, wondeful.

    The child, the loving women, wild or hurt, the little animal, everything is welcome. All of it is part of our sensitive, vulnerable being which needs to be welcomed, honored and sometimes guided to her strength. Come back to the benefit of the body, the touch and warmth, and find your own way to your inner power.

    Accept our boundaries, have the experience to sotfen them and reveal our huge potential. Finally, get closer to things, so that they reveal the essence of what they are and co-create new and generous life.


  • The body ? The touch ?
  • Why the body ? Why the touch ?

    We all intuitively have the answer, like a trace we have kept the memory from. Just as we know that heat heals us, unravels which is too tight.

    The body is like the earth, it is a territory in itself, which loves us and makes us trust. Far from a bulky object that should be freed, it is an ally, the key of an enlarged bond to the world, which is there to lift us up, propel us, prove to us, that we exist. Its function is to protect, support, nourish the spirit and connect us to the essence of our human status. What a gift to feel life through our senses !

    Regardless of the shapes, what matters is whether this body feels happiness, joy, if he is in contact with the heart, with the savage, if he is moving his own way.

    Because the body speaks, and touching it is an experience, a lived experience. Touching someone it is to welcome him as he is, within his limits as well as within his potentials. Showing comfort, recognition, care.


  • Tenderness & caress
  • Tenderness

    « And why should animals be the only ones to be caresses when they ask for it ? »

    After the creation and three years of animation of the Hugging Workshops, I observed that tenderness binds us to benevolence, compassion and love ; what makes us sensitive, vulnerable and so beautiful !

    And what peace to get rid of the sexual dimension, to differentiate it from my need for tenderness and envelopment. Release the performance clock, have all my time to feel what’s right for me, just to express it, learn to say « Yes », to say « No », giving me the freedom to choose in all circumstances.

    In this gentle presence to oneself, the pressure relaxes, a blessed world can emerge and experience reveals its capacity for transformation.


    The stroke of caress

    Caress is really a gift. I have always been especially sensitive to it. But why are there so many masseurs and no one to caress !

    With the arrival of movement on the skin, the caress opens a space of immense sensation ; guided by our senses, are we not beings of voluptuousness ? From my part, I think we are legitimate to abandon ourselves to the pleasure that she provides, without it being « fore play » ; but to awaken sensuality, say thank you, say it again.

    Caress is not a matter of technique, but above all, of presence, of perception ; find this continuity in the gesture and sharing that creates harmony, which unifies the body and nourishes the whole being.


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Your motivations

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  • Your motivations
  • Your motivations

    What could i guess about your motivations ?

    There is what i imagine, momentum of tenderness, softness and caress ; the confort to be supported, to receive care and attention. There is maybe knots and lack that a secure space could ease. The focus is on you ; your singularity. What do you need more ? What do you need less ? In order to help you identify this, or should I say, feel this, I offer you this extract from «  Womens who runs with wolves » – Clarissa Pinkola Estés.


    When we are in touch with the soul of the feminine,

    which is natural and wild, instead of looking at what is offered to us,

    we say to ourselves, « What am I hungry for ? ».

    Without taking a look outside, we venture inside and we ask :

    « What am I dying for ? What do I desire ? What is lacking ? ».

  • The benefits 
  • The benefits

    Beyond the « benefits » related to the body and the touch, who can know the gifts of what life can create for us ?

    Each person is different, so every workshop is unique, just as each will come to find. With experience, however, the being can set itself in motion towards progress :

    • Be myself, simply, find that I am just as welcome
    • Create a path of freedom in my life
    • Better give and better receive
    • Better share


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    Create a path of freedom in my life

    • Develop self-esteem and trust
    • Release judgment, and bring a caring and loving view of oneself
    • Better control the emotional and physical dimensions related to the body
    • Differentiate need of tenderness, sensuality or sexual desire
    • Overcoming any fears and inhibitions
    • Replace guilt for innocence


    Better give and better receive

    • By giving my body permission for well-being and pleasure
    • Progressing in my ability to feel
    • Experiencing slowness to give me time to listen to my perceptions
    • By releasing the word about my desires
    • By sharing an ethic of delicacy and refinement


    Better share

    • Identify what is right for me, respect for me, then dare to take the initiative
    • Create my own security zone, giving me the freedom to choose in all circumstances
    • Renew with lightness and play
    • Know how to set up a framework and stick to it
    • Moving forward on the path of reconciliation between men and women


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  • The Session
  • The Session

    The workshop is a moment for you, of attention and care, a privileged place of sharing and integrity. We open a space of security allowing the intimacy to deploy.

    I offer my presence, my sweetness, my generosity accompanied by sensitivity. You offer your momentum towards the proposition, your confidence, your feelings. My gratitude for this.

    The trip will be tender or sensual, tender and sensual, it is how you choose, the only indicator being that it is comfortable for both of us. I am with you, but my empathy is not everything because I am a man, you are a woman. It’s you who know what’s good for you. It’s actually a co-creation between what you feel and express and what I, too, can feel, offer, or induce by the gesture.

    Together, we engage in the experience little by little, welcoming what vibrates or does not vibrate, emotions, but also the joy of being alive.


    • The duration of a session is about 3 hours



    Our engagements

    « No experience fully lived without trust, no trust without security, no security without rules respected.»

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    Within this clearly defined framework, you can learn at your own pace to create your own space of security, because this ability to listen and to place limit is not obvious, it is a skill that needs to be built. Knowing how to say no and simply expressing one’s expectations is also to respect each other, by giving us a moment to share.

    Our operating rules :

    • Arrive on time and bring soft and comfortable clothes
    • No alcohol or narcotics
    • Ensure hygiene, avoid perfume
    • Do not participate in a workshop if there is a risk of contagion
    • As a proponent, I commit to confidentiality about what is said and lived during the workshop

    Our rules of body contact :

    • Neither you nor I, are here to force ourselves in any way, this is the focus of our moral contract
    • We make requests, wait to receive a verbal « yes »  and everyone remains free to change their mind at any time
    • We are respectful of ourselves and each other, listening to emotions, welcoming what comes and does not come
  • The  Course
  • The  Course

    Getting into body contact is not neutral, we all know it. Also, we will have already met by phone and set our intentions, remember the frame if necessary. I will answer your questions transparently, taking all the time required. I like this first exchange between two worlds.

    The day of the workshop, « we meet again »…
    I propose you wear soft and comfortable clothes, preferably cotton. Then, quietly, we sit in front of each other for everyone to express how he feels ; any need, apprehension, curiosity, gratitude, everything is welcome. In listening and welcoming, trust is woven, presence prompts itself.
    Then we discuss again the framework and the rules of the experiment. Finally, once everything has been said, we can enter into practice.

    The floor is yours… How do you want to start ?
    You will see, it comes naturally. You feel, express yourself and the action unfolds. Magical. And I’m always there, supporting and proposing.

    You choose the nudity you want and can change your mind as you please during the workshop ; dressed, underwear, naked, partially or totally, all is OK.
    Unless you advise otherwise, I will adopt the same outfit. What makes sense to me in this proposal is my commitment to walk together on the same plan of unveiling. But again, it’s you who decides.

    We then navigate what is present. The invitations follow one another, energies ebb and flow, space belongs to you, to enjoy it. You can also take a break, cool off, come back to your self, share words or stop the experiment. You are totally free.

    Then, often, something hovers and then lands, gently. As slow as possible, we are open to a conscious space for words ; and there, just to be tenderly aware of the end of the journey…


  • Cares
  • Cares

    The care, as I see it, is a ritual.
    Caring requires simple gestures, which are as much attention as love.
    Far from a « mechanical » act, it is a moment of presence in the body and in being, which you will come out of softened, embellished.

    To receive care, but also to live sensory and sensual experience.

    The care of a person asks that you express.

    • Massaging scrub
    • Hydration with body balm
    • Targeted massage
    • Simple manicure
    • Hair removal finish
    • Other rituals if this is right


  • The Crossing
  • The Crossing

    « He was eager to admire the random compositions generated by the arrangement of things between them » – Alessandro Baricco – Mr Gwyn

    The crossing is daring. A creative process that gives pride of place to the unknown and to the journey. An extraordinary adventure through the territories of intimacy. A sign of trust in the living.

    The Crossing is a succession of five appointments, of three hours, at a fixed time, five days in a row.
    We find ourselves in a healthy and comfortable space, neutral for you and me, and which we both keep the key during the whole Crossing. This place creates our « ship », governed by its own rules : those of the individual sessions, but also the fact that the spoken words are only intimate ; we escape the commonplaces, giving priviledge to true words, language of the body, silences.

    Thus, we open a parenthesis where you have the time and the freedom to be, to do, to say, to propose, to stroll, to sing or to dance, a place where trust is built. For my part, I am present, attentive and also inspired to write what comes from you, from the Crossing ; pieces of paper, like a puzzle which is taking shape, a trace to which you can participate, and then, take away.

    Day after day, from island to island, intimacy unfolds and takes us, delicately or wildly, through the different parts of us. I invite you to surrender, to play, guided by your senses and your intuition.

    Life goes on, we move as smoothly as possible…


  • Events
  • Caress Workshop

    Caress is it an art, a technique, a meditation, a philosophy, a bucolic or wild walk ?
    How can I simply say what I want to receive and be in peace with myself in the sharing ?
    My touch is it clear in its intention, what are my impulses, but also my brakes ?
    Can I allow myself to follow the voice of my desire in the moment, or dare to abandon myself, to trust ?

    Beyond the consent and the ethical requirement, the caress will invite us to love without saying it, feeding on innumerable desires, searching without knowing what not to seize nothing.

    Guided by our senses, we will gradually explore the first touch on the skin and the fact that the caress is much more than the « preliminary » ; awakening the sexual energy where it is often confined, in order to experiment others tones. Thus, there will be proposals for linking, then touching, inviting the presence, confidence and shared sensations walks.

    We open here a space of perception and listening, a privileged place of sharing and integrity where self-respect in first is our common path. Together we we gradually engage in the experience, welcoming what vibrates or does not vibrate, as well as our emotions. And the music, dancing or caressing, guide us on a journey to discover all the different parts in us, in joy to be alive.

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