Music is a gift.

Essential in my life, often very present in my proposals, it is known to open ways towards the invisible and guide hearts.
I like when she affects me, at the edge of sensitivity, and connects me to the main part : Beauty, joy and love.
I like as well sharing her, as here, to maybe let her infuse you while you are visiting the contents of the site, to see if there is an echo between my sensibility and if one day we shall join the notes to gesture. Bon Voyage.


– The following three playlits were recorded with my Iphone simply placed on the floor. No editing has been done. You can also download the files. Enjoy & gracias por la vida.




A Kirtan season at the Yoga Forest

(January/April 2019)


Thank you to Saraswati and Jayananda, who supported us with this humility that does just what it takes to allow everyone to be welcomed and to participate, in the magic of « together ». Embodying joy, affinity and loving presence in such precious simplicity. Allowing an opportunity to feel unity, rather than overwhelming us with an injunction « to be ». Offering us at least the wonderful, and sometimes, when the collective is fully engaged in the experience, the ultimate. Like this April 16th, when, in a sublime connection, creativity and beauty culminate and grace flies away.


Thank you to all those who contributed to these délicate, melodic and inspired journeys. To make a record of this possible and of my gratitude, I give you my selection of our co-creations ; a tangible testimony of the sensitive reality of our incarnations and the benevolent generosity of the universe.





« Five star hippie life »

(January/April 2019)


Here are some sound excerpts from my « daily life » in San Marcos at the beginning of 2019. The Eagle’s Nest, which after the Ecstatic Dance offered us some nice moments around the fire. Then, from the so delicious Rosy, the « Five star hippie life », named after the collective that was born in El Castillo and continued in Sweet Home San Marcos. Listening to « Eclipse », with Josy’s laughter, never ceases to plunge me into a melancholic jubilation. What journeys. Such gratitude.





The sound of Inanitah

(April/May 2018)


Thank you brothers and sisters for these moments of music and songs, your talents, your generosity, your sensitivity. Thank you nature for having been with us, above our heads, all around the sound space, where the wind and the fire cradle the choir of insects and sometimes another créatures joins as a soloist. Facing a volcano, sitting on the flanks of an other, on the rocks that he spat down into the lake at our feet, voices and notes dance in the glow of flames, mingle with our laughter and sweet sigh where gratitude is blissful.

I honor this form of « Hippie Sangha » that connects worlds and beings in song, presence and joy, celebrating life and love. Aho Cacao ;-)

– Find Li and Olivia



My last favorites





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