Caress Workshop

Caress is it an art, a technique, a meditation, a philosophy, a bucolic or wild walk ?
How can I simply say what I want to receive and be in peace with myself in the sharing ?
My touch is it clear in its intention, what are my impulses, but also my brakes ?
Can I allow myself to follow the voice of my desire in the moment, or dare to abandon myself, to trust ?

Beyond the consent and the ethical requirement, the caress will invite us to love without saying it, feeding on innumerable desires, searching without knowing what not to seize nothing.

Guided by our senses, we will gradually explore the first touch on the skin and the fact that the caress is much more than the « preliminary » ; awakening the sexual energy where it is often confined, in order to experiment others tones. Thus, there will be proposals for linking, then touching, inviting the presence, confidence and shared sensations walks.

We open here a space of perception and listening, a privileged place of sharing and integrity where self-respect in first is our common path. Together we we gradually engage in the experience, welcoming what vibrates or does not vibrate, as well as our emotions. And the music, dancing or caressing, guide us on a journey to discover all the different parts in us, in joy to be alive.

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